S6: "Natural Hazards and Climate Change: learning at Arouca Geopark"

2023/2024 | Saídas de Campo no Arouca Geopark

Synopsis: It is possible to learn about the evolution of the Arouca Geopark from the geosites of Serra da Freita and raise awareness of the importance and need to adopt collective and individual measures to preserve the natural heritage, increase resilience and capacity for adaptation and reduction of risks of natural disasters, fostering sustainable development. In this domain, Early Warnings are  important. This fieldtrip includes a visit to the Arouca Weather Radar, an infrastructure of IPMA – Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere and also a panoramic geosite, where we can learn more about the technical function and importance of this equipment for weather forecasting and surveillance.

Region | Start/finish point: Serra da Freita | Detrelo da Malhada - Arouca Weather Radar

Length / Degree of difficulty / Duration: 1000m / easy / 3h00

Points of interest: Geosites  Detrelo da Malhada - Panoramic View (G1), Pedras Parideiras (G7), Panoramic of Costa da Castanheira (G10) / Panoramic floor of RMA.

Price (per student): 6,00 Euros (free for accompanying teachers)

Promoter / Reservations: AGA – Arouca Geopark Association; Reservations by filling out and submitting the form below, 15 working days in advance. For more information, call 256 940 254 or geral@aroucageopark.pt.


  • The displacement between the different points of this field trip is carried out in the group bus; 
  • Access to the RMA is via an unpaved road, accessible to buses;
  • Each bus will be accompanied by a guide;
  • For each program, a maximum of 50 students and a minimum of 15 students are admitted per monitor. For lower or higher numbers of participants, contact the services;
  • The auditorium of Casa das Pedras Parideiras has a capacity for 30 people (number of seats);
  • In case of rain, snow, thunderstorm or very cold forecast, the date of the visit will have to be changed.