S4: “Discovering the Biodiversity Station of Merujal – Freita Mountain”

2023/2024 | Saídas de Campo no Arouca Geopark

Summary: By walking the trail of the Biodiversity Station of Merujal (EBIO), you’ll have the opportunity to watch the Nature, listen its sounds and smell its aromas. This EBIO, integrated in the Natura 2000 network Site of community Interest – Freita and Arada Mountains site, allows you to observe permanent peat bogs, wet moorlands, woods and temporary puddles, some of the habitats of the Freita Mountain’s plateau. The flora is rich, and there are very important species that have survived to the glaciations and to several rare endemism (Lusitanian and Iberians). One of the highlights is also the existing faunal diversity hiding from their predators. Throughout the trail, it is also possible to observe the deepest soils used by people for the agriculture and divided into small strips, contributing to the wealth of this ecosystem. Through observation and photographic record, the participants are able to understand the ecological role of the several species and contribute to the inventory of the biodiversity of the Freita Mountain’s plateau.

Region | Starting / arrival point: Freita Mountain | Merujal camping Site / Cabaços village

Length / Level of difficulty / Duration: 2000 m / easy / 3h00

Points of interest: Geosite of Frecha da Mizarela (G6) and Mizarela Lithological Contact (G5), Mizarela and Cabaços villages; pedestrian trails of Freita Mountain; Biodiversity Station of Merujal.

Price (per student): 5,00 Euros (free for accompanying teachers)

Promoter / Reservation: AGA – Associação Geoparque Arouca; The reservations are made through the following form, that must be filled in and submitted 15 working days prior to the event. For further information, please contact us at 256 940 254 or geral@aroucageopark.pt .


  • We suggest that participants install the «iNaturalist» app on their mobile phones in advance, in order to submit the fauna and flora observations they make during the visit, from a citizen science perspective;
  • The trip between Albergaria da Serra (bridge over the Caima River/near the village of Cabaços) and the Merujal Camping Park is done on the group bus;
  • For the observation of a greater number of species of fauna and flora, it is advisable to carry out this program from March;
  • Each bus will be accompanied by a guide;
  • For each program, a maximum of 50 students and a minimum of 15 students are admitted per monitor. For lower or higher numbers of participants, contact the services;
  • In case of rain, snow, thunderstorm or very cold forecast, the date of the visit will have to be changed;
  • Program carried out in partnership with the company Caminhos do Oeste Lda.