S5: Climate change: reality and challenges in Arouca Geopark

2023/2024 | Saídas de Campo no Arouca Geopark

Synopsis: Climate change is a global challenge, recognized as one of the greatest environmental, social and economic threats faced in the Earth planet and society today. Mitigation and adaptation are 'command words' for this issue. Understanding the paradigm that "the past is the key to the future", the monitoring and inventory of fauna and flora, the concern about the preservation of species, the sustainable agricultural practices, the use of renewable energy, recycling, the soil degradation or the impact of fires are some of the themes explored in this fieldtrip, based on the observation of concrete examples in the territory.

Region | Departure / arrival point: Serra da Freita | Merujal (Camping Park) / Serra da Freita Wind Farm 

Extension / Difficulty / Duration: 1400 m / easy / 2h30 

Points of interest: Frecha da Mizarela Geosite (G6), Mizarela Geological Contact (G5), Detrelo da Malhada Viewpoint (G1), Merujal EBIO, Serra da Freita Wind Farm 

Price (per student): 5.00 Euros (free for accompanying teachers) 

Promoter / Reservations: AGA – Arouca Geopark Association; Reservations by completing and submitting the form below, 15 working days in advance. For more information contact geral@aroucageopark.pt (preferred) or 256 940 254 .


  • The travel between different points, namely between Mizarela and the Serra da Freita Wind Farm, is carried out on the group's bus; 
  • The visit to the Serra da Freita Wind Farm area does not foresee the visit/entry to the Wind Farm Command Center, doesn't include the entrance in the interior of the wind towers; 
  • Each bus will be accompanied by a guide;
  • For each program, a maximum of 50 students and a minimum of 15 students are admitted per monitor. For lower or higher numbers of participants, contact the services;
  • In case of rain, snow, thunderstorm or very cold forecast, the date of the visit will have to be changed.