Holly | Ilex aquifolium L.

© João Cosme

Description:  Species in danger of extinction protected by national laws. Tree or bush with conical and narrow top. The bark of the branches is smooth and gray, becoming rough with age. The leaves are alternate, tough, up to 3 times longer than wide, oval or oblong-elliptical, with wavy merges and usually strongly thorny-toothed, becoming flat and complete in the highest parts of the biggest ones, glabrous, glossy green on the top, and mate green underside. The flowers are small (8 mm) and present a white color, with fleshy, small, round and red, orange or yellow fruits.

Habitat: Caducifoliate woods (oak woods) and shrublands in mountain regions.

Where to find in the Arouca Geopark: Adaúfe-Chão de Espinho (municipal roadside); Merujal (near the camping site).