World Earth Day 2020 (Our Common Home Day)


Today, April 22, the 50th anniversary of the celebrations of World Earth Day is celebrated. Arouca Geopark could not fail to mark this very important date, either because of what it represents worldwide or because of the significance it has for this territory - it was on April 22 of 2009 that the entire municipality of Arouca was recognized as a Geopark, by European and Global Geoparks Networks.

To mark this date, we present the documentary of the European Atlantic Geotourism Route of the Atlantic Geoparks, which you can see from home, at, and is the result of the Atlantic-Geoparks project, under development since 2017.

The Atlantic-Geoparks project, co-financed by the Interreg Atlantic Area program, in partnership with some European Geoparks and with the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, aims, among several actions, to create an Atlantic European Geotourism Route. This route aims to promote the natural and cultural heritage of some Atlantic Geoparks, based on a joint geotourism strategy.

Although we live in a time of social confinement, AGA – Arouca Geopark Association continues to work, in the sense of valuing the natural and cultural resources of its territory, as differentiating and inimitable assets, so that, as soon as it is safe and opportune, one can to discover, not only the Arouca UNESCO Global Geopark, but also the remaining Geoparks, which are dispersed and simultaneously united along the European Atlantic Axis, more specifically Portugal, Spain, France, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

UNESCO Global Geoparks are living laboratories, involving communities in their sustainable development processes, to learn more and learn more, click here.

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