Freita Mountain

Standing as a giant over the Arouca town, the Freita Mountain extends its green cloak by the lands of Arouca, São Pedro do Sul and Vale de Cambra. The magic, the enchantment, the air of a lost paradise that shows itself to those who engage in it make this «Enchanted Mountain» one of the mandatory crossing and stopping points of the Arouca Geopark. Passing through its trails means to meet the history points of these lands, like the Mamoa da Portela da Anta, to meet the small villages embraced by the landscape, to meet the unique phenomena in the world, like the Pedras Parideiras (Rocks delivering stones), and to meet the breathtaking landscapes, like near the Frecha da Mizarela. Throughout the plateau, we have 17 of the 41 geosites of the Arouca Geopark, as well as exclusive conditions for the practice of some adventure sports, and pedestrian trails that guide us through the singular beauty of this mountain.

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Aveiro, Arouca, Arouca