Chalcides striatus

Chalcides striatus

© Albano Soares

Description: Features the elongated body and covered by smooth and shiny scales, which give it a metallic reflection. The color of the back is brownish, beige or yellowish, usually with nine dark longitudinal lines. The belly has light, whitish or grayish tones. The head, more or less triangular, is little differentiated from the body and the limbs, with three fingers, are small in size.

Habitat: Wetlands of low to moderate altitude and open, exposed and abundant places herbaceous cover.

Where to find in Arouca Geopark: Ameixieira; Cabreiros; Granja; Freita Mountain; Regoufe; Tebilhão.

Conservation Status:

Red Book of Vertebrates of Portugal - Little worrisome

Berne Convention (Annex III)