Arouca Geopark celebrates European Geoparks Week with a varied program

May 18, 2024 a June 2, 2024

From May 18 to June 2, Arouca Geopark is celebrating European Geoparks Week with a wide range of activities that showcase the geodiversity, biodiversity and culture of this UNESCO World Geopark in a fun and educational way.

During these days, many activities will be organized throughout the territory for different audiences. Educational projects, school competitions, interpreted visits and gastronomic and cultural events are some of the suggestions on the European Geoparks Week 2024 program.

European Geoparks Week is an event that is celebrated annually by all the UNESCO-listed territories that belong to the European Geoparks Network (EGN).


May 18th to June 2nd | AQUA Exhibition | Arouca Monastery

May 19th | Irish Market Fam Trip to Arouca Geopark

May 20th and 21st | Technical visit by the aspiring Geopark Algarvensis

May 21st | Professions at the Burgo School «What makes a Paleontologist»

May 22nd | International Biodiversity Day at Park of Ribeiro de Gondim

May 23rd | Arouca Agricola without Waste | Arouca Agrícola Local Market

May 23rd | Awarding of prizes for the school contest «Illustrate your school – little explorers»

May 24th | Exhibition «Faces with Charm» | 11 a.m. | Arouca Monastery

May 24th to 26th | Malafaia Romana MMXXIV | Program available at

May 25th | Interpreted visit «Arouca in Roman times» *

May 25th | Birdwatching: Bird ringing in Freita Mountain *

May 27th | Educative Project Vida com +Verde «Nature in Spring»

May 29th | Educative Project Vida com +Verde «The Honey Cycle»

May 31st | Educative Project Vida com +Verde «Freita Mountain»

June 1st | Interpreted visit «Agroecology at Quinta da Fonte do Souto» *

*Registration required at

events suggestions

Rota do Paleozoico
29/06/2024 - 29/06/2024
Visita interpretada «Rota do Paleozoico no Museu das Trilobites»
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Frecha da Mizarela
29/06/2024 - 07/07/2024
Visitas de verão ao Arouca Geopark
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Rotas no Paiva
06/07/2024 - 06/07/2024
Jeep Tour e visita pedonal interpretada pelos sabores e aromas da terra – Rotas no Paiva
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Itinerários geofood
13/07/2024 - 13/07/2024
Os frutos vermelhos da Quinta de S. Lourenço - Itinerário Arouca Agrícola
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516 ao luar
27/07/2024 - 27/07/2024
Visita interpretada «Pôr do sol na 516 Arouca»
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Rota dos Geossítios ao Luar
03/08/2024 - 03/08/2024
Rota dos Geossítios ao luar
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14/08/2024 - 14/08/2024
Astronomia na Serra da Freita
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07/09/2024 - 07/09/2024
Canyoning em Rio de Frades com o Clube do Paiva
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Rota dos Geossítios
06/10/2024 - 06/10/2024
Pela Rota dos Geossítios na Serra da Freita
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Itinerário Arouca Agrícola
12/10/2024 - 12/10/2024
Das abóboras à boroa doce - Itinerário Arouca Agrícola
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Laccaria amethystina
19/10/2024 - 19/10/2024
Cogumelos silvestres: do campo ao laboratório
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Ecovia do arda
27/10/2024 - 27/10/2024
Visita interpretada «Pela Ecovia do Arda no outono»
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Outono na Castanheira
03/11/2024 - 03/11/2024
Visita interpretada «Outono na Castanheira»
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Visita educativa nos Passadiços do Paiva
09/11/2024 - 09/11/2024
Visita interpretada «É outono nos Passadiços do Paiva»
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23/11/2024 - 23/11/2024
Rafting Descoberta com a Just Come
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Radar Meteorológico
14/12/2024 - 14/12/2024
Crepúsculo no Radar
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Arouca Agrícola volta a associar-se ao World Disco Soup Day
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Candidaturas abertas para concurso de fotografia “Passadiços do Paiva”
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Programação de Natal no Arouca Geopark
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«Mizarelar» 2022 – IV Encontro Multidisciplinar de Montanha
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