Portugal is the only country in Europe that borders only one country (Spain), and the rest of it is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. In fact, the national boundaries are the oldest in Europe, with its arms extending to the Açores and Madeira islands. 


Portugal has a warm climate, where the sun shines during almost 3000 hours per year, and along more than 800 km of amazing beaches, the landscapes are highly diversified, providing leisure activities and the enjoyment of the wide cultural heritage, combining tradition and contemporaneity. 


The diversity of this country is combined with the unique gastronomy and the internationally known wines, thus completing the unparalleled tourist offer in Europe. It is easy to arrive here, through many air routes available from any big European city. 

It is in this context that the Arouca Geopark assumes itself as a different offer, a single destination that combines all these aspects with a strong natural, cultural and landscape component. Portugal would not be the same without the vitality of this territory.