«Memories of Eulália» available in ebook

Typology: Ebook
Description: There is a magical place in the Arouca valley where living beings have lived peacefully with man for thousands of years! This place is protected by a holy girl, named Eulália. We will take you to the places protected by her, from the Arreçaio mountains, to the Freita mountain surroundings.

«The memories of Eulália» is a publication that results from the contest «Illustrate your school» carried out by AGA (Arouca Geopark Association), in partnership withe the Municipality of Arouca, the Arouca School Group, the School Library Network and the Santa Eulália parish, in the year 2018/2019, at the Boavista School Campus. An educational project that involved students from kindergarten to 1st cycle of basic education that included field trips to discover and learn about the cultural heritage of the parish of St.ª Eulália, perpetuated in illustrations made by the children. In this active way, we are contributing to safeguard the cultural and immaterial heritage of the Arouca Geopark and, in particular, the parish of St.ª Eulália.

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