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The GEOfood initiative and trademark emerged in 2015, coordinated by Magma Geopark in Norway, Odsherred Geopark in Denmark, Rokua Geopark in Finland and Rejkyanes Geopark in Iceland. Today it constitutes an International Network, which brings together several UNESCO World Geoparks and which aims to promote and enhance the relationship between its unique geological heritage and local food traditions.

The Arouca Geopark Association (AGA) has been dynamizing and promoting the agricultural sector and the respective food chain through the «Arouca Agrícola»  project, articulating it with the principles of the GEOfood network. The objective: to link food and territory, tourism and health, sustainability and flavor and, in this way, bring consumers closer to nature, local products and their origin and culture.

Currently, Arouca Geopark is part of the GEOfood International Network offering, locally, a network of participating restaurants, which includes a greater variety of local products in their menus; tourist visits to producers - «Arouca Agrícola Itineraries»; awareness actions; with the school community, through the educational restaurant and canteens or educational programs and projects.

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Prizes and distinctions: 

  • Portuguese Food & Nutrition Awards - 2017 e 2018

GEOfood partners:

- Fábrica & Loja dos Doces Conventuais de Arouca - +info