Sphagnum spp

Sphagnum spp.

©David Guimarães

Description: Type of variable color and morphology, with a high number of species, including in Portugal. The fascicles usually have long or short pendent branches. They were always known by their capacity to store great amounts of water in the cells – up to about 20-30 times their weight. This capacity is possible because the cells are divided in two groups: the ones that perform the photosynthesis and the ones that store water, and these are much bigger that the first ones.

Habitat: Wet or soaked soils. Kind of peat bogs and peat soils, usually at high altitude.

Where to find in the Arouca Geopark: Campo de dobras (G8); Junqueiro (PR15); Picnic park of the Vale de Raíz (Freita Mountain); Noninha stream.