Capreolus capreolus

Capreolus capreolus

© Joaquim Pedro Ferreira

Description: An elusive mammal that shows the body covered by hairs whose coloration, length and thickness vary during summer and winter. In the summer, it exhibits a reddish-brown coat and the hairs are short and thin, while in winter the coat is grayish-brown and the hairs are thick and long.

The hind limbs are adapted to the jump, being wider and higher than the previous ones. On the head are observed the stems (only in the males), the big ears and the muzzle, which shows a black spot in the end. It features a white anal shield that surrounds the short tail that it has.

Habitat: Forested areas (with hardwoods and resinous) and areas with herbaceous or shrubby strata, alternated with clearings or cultivated fields.

Where to find in Arouca Geopark:  Freita Mountain.

Conservation Status:

Red Book of Vertebrates of Portugal - Little Worrying

Berne Convention (Annex III)