Between the Montemuro and Arada mountains, surrounded by the Paiva River, Meitriz was the first village regarded as «Portugal Village». Crossing the village, the pedestrian trail «Rota das Tormentas» (Storms Route) appears well signaled, but there are no storms in Meitriz, only peace, tranquility, a never-ending green landscape, and a river with crystal clear water running, reflecting the brown and grey of the houses made of shale and schist. When seen in the distance, the village proudly shows the agricultural paths and terraces, and the bridge, that was built not so long ago, replaces the old boatmen that used to cross the banks, carrying people and goods. Here, the saints are celebrated: Saint Barbara, in May, Our Lady of Fatima, in August, and Saint Anthony and Saint Sebastian, in November, as a gesture of appreciation for this little piece of paradise.

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Useful information

Meitriz, 4540-403, Janarde
Aveiro, Arouca, Meitriz
  • Latitude 40.920394
  • Longitude -8.132235