The stories of these communities, adopted by the mountain, whose bonds were strengthened by the tradition and the flow of the Paiva River or the watercourses that cross the mountains, linked by the simple, yet wonderful constructions, appear, more than by the flow of the water, by the course of time. Cabreiros has been living in the shade of the Arouca Monastery (although it is isolated), and it is strongly connected to the Rossas commandery (Order of Malta), without forgetting the ones who arrived here during the World War II, in the race to the «black gold». The stories went by, but the memories have remained. Some more obvious than others, and some more disguised by time than others.

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Useful information

Cabreiros, 4540-241, Cabreiros
Aveiro, Arouca, Cabreiros
  • Latitude 40.85823
  • Longitude -8.188337